SFIEC|2019 Shentlemen Gala & International Dialogue on Civil Society's Contribution to SDGs

Civil Society in Shenzhen Contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals Contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals

On December 5, over 200 representatives from the United Nations, Chinese civil society organizations, academic institutes and corporates gathered in Shenzhen for the 2019 Shentlemen Gala & International Dialogue on Civil Society's Contribution to SDGs.

Held by Shenzhen Foundation for International Exchange and Cooperation (SFIEC) and supervised by the Foreign Affairs Office of Shenzhen Municipality, this event focuses on two main topics--Chinese NGO's Contribution to SDGs through International Cooperation and Shenzhen's Innovation-driven model to deliver SDGs.

As highlight, the Chinese CSOs 'Going Global' Empowerment Platform and @755 Series City Guides were launched, making greater strides to the internationalization of Shenzhen.

Since Shenzhen became one of the first national demonstration areas for sustainable development in 2018, it has been the pioneer in sustainability as one of the strategic positioning of its development. Against this backdrop, SFIEC endeavors to build the platforms and pool the resources to promote international exchanges and cooperation centering on sustainable development.

Build an International Exchange and Cooperation Platform, Promote Civil Society to 'Going Global'

Witnessed by all delegates from home and aboard, Chinese CSOs ‘Going Global’ Empowerment Platform was officially launched. The platform was jointly promoted by SFIEC, China Center for International Economic Exchanges and The United Nations Development Program in China.

Policy analysis, capacity development and resource channeling are the key elements for CSOs to 'going global’, which are exactly this platform can offer.

The establishment of this platform will bring direct assistance to the social organizations in Shenzhen and Guangdong-HongKong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It will become a highlight for SFIEC to promote civil forces 'going global'.

SFIEC Releases '@755 Series City Guides' for Foreigners in Shenzhen

As one of the first foundations aims at promoting international exchange and cooperation and facilitating internationalization of the city, under the guidance of Shenzhen Municipality Foreign Affairs Office, SFIEC launched CityPlus in 2017 -- a two-way showcase window for Shenzhen and the world.

During the event, @755 Series City Guides are released via CityPlus, which include Work@755-Startup Guide in Shenzhen and Live@755-Life Guide in Shenzhen.Work@755-Startup Guide in Shenzhen focuses on starting a business in Shenzhen, and it is the first "one-stop operation guide" for foreign entrepreneurs in Shenzhen. Whereas Live@755-Life Guide in Shenzhen centers on life in Shenzhen for foreign travelers or residents, providing useful informations about visa, traffic, medicine, education and accommodation.

It is the first promotional welfare product instructed by Foreign Affairs Office of Shenzhen Municipality People's Government and systematically introducing the city Shenzhen. It integrates the authority and practicability, becoming another important exploration for SFIEC to tell Shenzhen story and enhance Shenzhen's international influence.

Shentleman Dialogue: The Voice of Shentleman

In order to promote the discussion of civil society's contribution to SDGs, SFIEC has invited guests from philanthropy, social research, commerce and media, holding two wonderful Shentleman dialogues respectively. The two dialogues revolved around "Chinese NGOs Contribution to SDGs in International Cooperation" and "Shenzhen Model for Innovation-Driven Implementation on SDGs," drawing a blueprint for Shenzhen to contribute development of leading the tide of globalization and gathering civil strength for SFIEC.

In the past five years, SFIEC has been working hard to explore and engage social entities' power, and this Shentleman Gala will also advocate shenzhen's social organizations, corporations' social responsibility department, universities and think tanks to focus on SDGs and initiate a broader CSOs dialogue and cooperation platform for Shenzhen. In the future, SFIEC will Integrate Shenzhen's strengths in capital and innovative technologies, and further laying the foundation for the global realization of the SDGs.

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